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Have you heard the good news?

Hey hey! It is your favorite member of Switch Valen with a special entry for you to check out.


Reading about the members of Switch can be overwhelming at times. One member is crying and another is fighting.

As BFF leader, I try to help out where I can as a friend and unlicensed therapist but I can only do so much. I do not always know what is happening behind closed doors. Either they are really good at hiding it or simply don't tell anyone about their pain.

So what do you do when you feel like your mental health is going down the drain? Who can you turn to? Friends? Family? 

But what happens if they don't pick up their phone or give you the comfort you are looking for? What happens if you don't even have a support system to begin with?

Many, like some of my fellow bandmates, tend to seek pleasure because pleasure comforts pain. Though of course, by what happens in volume one alone, we can see how that turns out... 


that God is knocking at the door in the midst of the storm of your life. He is gently asking, "Hi [Insert Your Name]. I want to fill your heart with joy and peace. I never intended for you to live a life where you seek comfort from the world for the world is temporary."

God created you and has a purpose for you. If he can move mountains, he can move in your situation. Plus, since Jesus Christ died for all your sins, you are saved if you accept that in your heart. 

God is a loving and forgiving father. He wants to be in your life. He doesn't want you to suffer anymore. So whether you are rich like the Switch members or poor like the Switch members (haha), I like for you to pray this prayer. This will allow to you experience God for yourself. If you are not a Christian or even an atheist, I promise you there is no harm in reading the prayer. It is 100% free of charge because Jesus paid for it in full on the cross. 

So.... let's pray!

"Dear heavenly father,

*O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He is alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life. I am born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I am now a child of God. Hallelujah!

In Jesus name, I pray, 


I recommend checking out the Bible app to learn more about the gospel. Trust me, God can deliver you from your situation. Just ask the author. She a walking testimony. 

- Valen

*Special thanks and credits for LoveWorld Ministries Salvation Prayer

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