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May include spoilers.

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BFF is formed by Ex-S Records under the management of Mr. Smith. 

Introducing BFF was released as the group's debut album.

The group's name was replaced with Switch. 

In January 2012, Hand N' Hand was released. Due to low sales, a part two album was released called Kiss N' Tell.

Battle of the Bands scandal. JV Guys splits into Duo Line and Rap Line.

Mia and Leo start dating.

Carlos and Brittany start dating. 

Switch fourth studio album  Around the World, has been announced. 

It was the first multi-language album for Switch. 

Brittany and Carlos's popularity grows as a powerhouse couple.

Brittany released her solo album Precipitation.

Carlos released his solo album The Golden Hour.

The BFF house gets expanded.

Switch first world tour "Around the World" begins in New York City.

Brionna and Romeo start dating.

The pregnancy scandal.

Brittany and Carlos break up.

Leader Line is created.

Leesung gets custody of Kyan.

Mia take Brittany's role as lead female singer.

Dice and Simon's drug allegations.

The cheating scandal between Mia, Leo, and Kylie.

Brittany and Carlos get back together after their daughter Kimberly is born.

Switch fifth studio album Around the World Part II is released. It was considered a commercial, viral success. British Trio Line becomes rises to stardom.

Mia steps down as lead female singer. Brionna takes her place.

While on the western European leg of the tour, Theo and Saige start dating.

Brionna depression episodes. Tour season comes to an end at BFF World Winter in New York City.

The BFF House gets remodeled and expanded.

Switch sixth studio album Under the Impression, Thoughts at the Party is released. 

Jean and Cameron start dating.

Carlos and Brittany get married.

Brionna and Romeo's son, Junior is born. They also get married.

Theo's DUI case.

The emancipation controversy with Maknae Line.

Zachary and Jordyn start dating.

Lily and Simon announce their relationship. 

Switch seventh studio album Summer Love is release. 

The Archives of BFF Vol. X: Craze Rave Festival: Coming Soon

Cameron and Jean released their controversial yet commercial-success duet album The Good, Ugly, and The Bad after their public fight scandal.

Switch wins first VVMA for Artist of the Year.

Leesung gets engage and adopts Haru.

Leesung drops his solo album For Mines Only. Its My Loyalty after his fiance passes away. 

Kylie get kick out of Switch.

The Maknae Line scandal.

Switch leaves Ex-S Records and goes independent. Xan and Lisa are promote to managers.

Leo goes on probation.

Lily and Simon break up.

Toran and Vanessa start dating. 

The three Miami scandal. 

Sammatha and Leo come out as a couple.

Switch eighth studio album Cold Weather, Life without Fame or Money has been released.

Maxwell and Mia start

Valen and Jackson from New5 start dating.

The BFF Stadium opens in downtown Brooklyn, New York. 

Switch ninth studio album Dream and Nightmares has been released. 

Jordyn and Zachary go ghost. 

Brionna steps down as lead female singer. Cameron inherits the role. 

Sammatha is promoted to Varsity Girls.

Dice and Rebecca start dating.

Jermany and Courtney start dating.

Valen and Jackson break up.

The Covid outbreak and lockdown.

Jackson moves into the BFF's house for a couple of months. 

Valen and Jackson start dating again.

The Switch Experience airs its first live stream.

Varsity Guys lead singer conflict.

Switch tenth studio album Sex, Money, Feelings, Die is released.

Switch eleventh studio album In The Name of Love is released.

Sammatha and Leo relationship worsens due to Kylie scandal.

Toran's anxiety problem increases leading Dice to release their duet album as a solo, Solo About It. 

Dice and Rebecca's public reputation decreased heavily after a dating scandal. 

Theo and Saige break up. 

Simon drug abuse comes back.

Simon and Theo beef over Saige. 

Simon released his solo alternative rock album Tainted Hearts.

The LA International press tour. 

Kylie starts her rumor rampage about Sammatha.

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