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Here a free gift!

Looking for a new series to read? 

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Have you heard of The Archives of BFF? 

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What is it about? 


Living in an old mansion tucked away on the outskirts of New York City lives a world-famous music group called Switch. For over ten years, they have dominated the charts while going through a tragic life as child stars pulled away from their families. As they all run from their past to live a perfect life, everything starts to crumble with every day that passes by. It is only a matter of time before the public finds out...

*Contain sensitive themes that may not be suitable for all readers. SA, abuse, and self harm are mention in the series. Reader discretion is advise. 

Well I, the author of TAB, would like to give you a free copy... cause why not. 


E-Book/ Kindle Format

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Volume two is on its way! Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok @thearchivesofbff for updates. 

I hope you enjoy your gift! Physical copies are available to purchase on Amazon

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