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Varsity Girls


Varsity Girls holds the strongest female vocalist of Switch. Though with the constant scandals that is held within the sub-unit, Varsity Girls is often reduce to four members (Sammatha, Courtney, Cameron, and maybe Mia). Varsity Girls are trying to keep the Varsity line strong but JV Girls has been very promising in the last two years. Varsity Girls respect JV line but they refuse to let any JV Girl singer become a lead singer as they believe the monopoly for the role should stay within the unit. However the only other member qualified to be the next lead singer at the moment is Courtney and she is constantly refusing the role. Brittany, Brionna, and Mia lost their lead singer roles from each of their own scandals. Currently Sammatha (former JV Girl member) and Cameron are the group’s leads. Though their lives at the BFF mansion questions if they are mental able to hold the prestigious title.

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