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Leaders Line 

Leaders Line is the leadership team of Switch. This sub-unit was secretly formed while the group was signed to their former record label, Ex-S Records. After seven years of low pay and overwork hours, Leaders Line put together a grand plan to break Switch’s contract from Ex-S Record. After a hostile legal battle, Switch was able to go independent. The four split the management responsibility. Valen from JV Girls became the BFF Leader. She deals with internal affairs within the group as well is the documenter of The Archive of BFF. Lisa and Xan are Switch Leaders, solely responsible for music production and concerts. David left Varisty Guys to become the External Leader. He the only member who actively adventures out, and networks with the music and film industry. He helps secure acting, modeling and TV show appearance gigs. Because of this, David does not live full-time in the BFF House.

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